1. Fabric Drops with Adam Savitch

    Dippin’ Sauce has been collaborating with Photographer, Adam Savitch for more than a decade.  We teamed up this time to liquify fabric into organic drops of mind-bending mystery.

  2. Ran Ortner Collaboration

    We have the pleasure of working with our friend, Ran to reproduce his awe-inspiring paintings on canvas in photography. Through visits to his Dumbo studio, we are able to experience, for ourselves, the dynamics and light play in his work.  Although impossible to fully capture the sense of experiencing the paintings in life, we are able to…

  3. Beyonce – The Mrs. Carter Show

    Transforming concept into reality, Dippin’ Sauce executed all aspects of production for Beyonce’s 2013 Mrs. Carter Worldwide Tour Book. From producing the shoot, collaborating on set, designing the layout to carefully choosing paper stock, we were fully immersed in crafting a book that realized the tour vision.

  4. Jim Krantz – The Way of the West Collection

    When Jim Krantz partnered with Modernica to emerge his iconic western imagery with iconic mid-century design, we had the pleasure of finishing his photographs to be printed on the canvas of a 3D shell chair mold. Each chair was handcrafted in the same process that was used on the originals more than 65 years ago…

  5. Imax – Imax with Laser

    To help launch Imax’s next-generation Laser and sound system, we collaborated with Cooke Wax and Creative Director, Bill Tsapalas to develop a highly-visual approach to the campaign. Using brightly-colored and artfully-crafted paint throws, captured by Photographer Peter Schafrick, we composed hundreds of plates to engulf the subject and arrive at these dynamic image builds that…